TV Room Mini Makeover

I love projects like these because there’s nowhere to go but up….

IMG_0959 IMG_0958

These are repeat clients of mine – I did their formal living room, master bedroomdaughter’s room and recently I helped with their kitchen (which I neglected to get pictures of – so yeah, not sure when you’ll get to see that project…).  To work on their formal living room however, I had to pass through their TV room, and this sad TV set up all but tortured me as a designer.  I won’t go into the details of everything that’s wrong with this (pretty self explanatory), so you can imagine how ECSTATIC I was when they finally asked for my help with it.

Thank goodness.

Their requests were really pretty minimal.  SHE wanted a better way to handle the TV components; HE wanted the TV to be level.  Easy-peasy, but you know I could not stop there…



I do so love a good wallpapered focal wall:

AFTER-TV-Wall2Yes, the TV is now level, and yes, the components are nicely tucked away in a lovely media console, but it’s also now a beautiful focal point instead of an eye sore.

And as a designer, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.



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