To blank slate, or not to blank slate

With white walls, white carpet, white blinds and little to no furniture…

…the beginning of this project was as close to a blank slate as a project can get.  Though there is more to design, plan for, purchase and implement with a complete blank slate, there is also freedom and opportunity since there’s nothing to design around, or any pre-existing factors guiding the design.

Here’s a look at the space before:


The challenge with this completely blank slate, however, would be furnishing the entire space on an extremely thrifty budget, as well as bringing in the burst of color, warmth, and inviting feel the client wanted without painting the walls since she’s renting.

The solution?  Bright, bold, colorful pieces:


I started with the area rug, purposely choosing one of the several the client had indicated she liked that had lots of good color to work with.  We chose a blue sofa, another bold choice but one that works perfectly in this space.  The rest was just pulling more of the colors from the rug into the room:


I sanded and re-stained this mirror, modernizing it and giving it new life:


Pillows are an easy, inexpensive way to pull the color palette of a room together:DRW_D300_201501108204__DSC3678


I chose a coffee table that would be “light” visually and not compete with anything else in the room.DRW_D300_201501108105__DSC3579_hdr

There are a lot of bold colors and patterns here, but they work together because there is an entirely neutral backdrop grounding the space.  In the end, the blank slate worked to our advantage, helping create a warm, inviting, colorful transitional living room.


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