Make My Dive Bar Less Dive-y Please

One look at this before pic and you can see why I was brought in on this project.  A friend of mine bought this very dive-y bar and asked for help making it family friendly and welcoming…in other words, much less dive-y.DiveBar_Before1

A lot of money went into the purchase of the space so the hope was to upgrade it without spending a lot of money on renovations.  No major renovations meant working with the monstrous wood bar on the right, and after discussing that the space should incorporate mountain climbing (my friend is an avid climber), and a slight northern European feel, the design concept was obvious to me.


To make it feel family friendly, I wanted to lighten things up a bit, especially since there’s a lot of dark, heavy wood tones in the space.  Nothing says rustic like ceiling wood beams and stone tile, and to keep the space from becoming over the top mountain lodge, I proposed a combination of both rustic and modern lighting.


The result?  A family friendly, warm and inviting, mountain climbing, slightly northern European feeling, modern rustic soccer bar and grill.


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