What happened to HGTV?

This topic has probably been beat to death all over the internet, but it’s still bothering me…so again I ask, what happened to HGTV???  Remember when there were actually designers and design shows on HGTV?  Remember when it was just Candice Olson, her “hunky” carpenter Paul and Chico the electrician???  I used to love how she would talk through all of her decisions and lead you to the end result.  Now her show is so overdone and full of useless fluff that I can barely sit through it (although, she still does fabulous work – the woman is gifted).  Oh, and I LOVED Jane Lockhart and the color wheel…sigh…now it’s Property Brothers, Love it or List it and House Hunters all day, every day.  Seriously?

Ratings, budget, blah blah blah – I get the “why”, but do they really think that variations of the same 3 shows 24/7 will help?

All that aside, their most heinous crime in my opinion is not actually giving the Design Stars their promised show (besides David).  I read that Kim’s show got cancelled due to a hate campaign by Todd’s followers (2nd place runner up who eventually got his own show, but now even he’s gone too).  And Antonio had a show for a season or 2.  I can’t remember the blond’s name who won the next season, but I saw maybe one episode, and after that…nothing?  What happened to Danielle 2 seasons ago?  I’ll be shocked if there’s actually a show for last season’s winner.

HGTV, is it really that much more expensive to follow a designer around than a real estate agent?

I owe, in part, what I’m doing today to those early shows on HGTV, so it pains me to see the direction the station is going in.  But likely with the internet, it won’t matter someday soon.  My father teaches video production..maybe I’ll shoot my own youtube design show :-).





10 thoughts on “What happened to HGTV?

  1. Good point – where are the designers? -though HGTV is still the best there is. Trust me there are lots of rubbish, low budget design shows on Australian TV. I’d choose HGTV every time.

      • I do watch Australian shows like The Block and Selling Houses and although I enjoy them they are pretty one dimensional. The Block is more of a game show and Selling Houses is a renovate to sell concept. You don’t learn about design or technical building skills like you do on some HGTV shows, they’re more about personalities and skimming over the interesting stuff!

      • Yes, for some reason they won’t focus on the interesting stuff anymore. I guess people want to see the fluff and/or it’s cheaper to produce.

  2. I agree totally! So tired of Property Brothers & Love It or List It. It’s the same thing in every episode and the homeowners act sooooo surprised when they are shown a house out of their budget. Please!!! The plots are so fake I can’t believe anyone still tunes in. Please do your youtube design show. I will absolutely watch…I might do one of my own 🙂

  3. I just discovered old episodes of divine design and color confidential on ion life. It’s the old ones with Hunky Paul, Chico, Andrew and Steven.

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