Citrus Contemporary Designs

I presented designs last week and received approval, so we’re ready to begin the process of making over the space.  It isn’t the worst space I’ve seen by any means, it’s just a bit bland because of the overuse of the exact same color:  beige.  Even in monochromatic schemes, you’d want to vary the shades within the same tone, but as you can see in the photo of the room as it is now, all of the beiges are the same:

"Before" shot of the room

“Before” shot of the room

Notice how the couch is the same color as the wall, which is the same as the blinds and the lamp shade and the rug, and the dining table is the same wood tone as the floor and the media cabinet and, well…you get the point.  Sometimes when this happens, clients will me that they don’t like any of the pieces even though they liked them individually before getting them home and into the room.  The pieces themselves are actually really nice (I love the rug) – the problem is tying them together.  I’m confident however, that when all is said and done, she will love all of these pieces again.

Here is my proposed design:


As I mentioned during the concept phase, I’ll punch up the beige with splashes of citrus. I’m also proposing a textural wallpaper on the window wall to add interest.  I’ll lighten the walls to vary the shades within the same tone, and darken the fireplace mantel (I bet you didn’t even notice the fireplace in the above “before” picture, did you?) to tie into the rug, and so that the tiles stand out a bit more.  We’ll replace the dining set with one that has an espresso finish for contrast, and add a unique light fixture as a statement piece.

Here’s another “before” shot from the opposite end of the room, looking back towards the dining area.  This really shows how similar all of the wood tones are.


And here’s the proposed design:




We’ll move the large cabinet over to the right wall and put a buffet in its place that will allow us to add more lighting and a mirror.  The dining area will be anchored with an area rug that ties into the color palette and existing rug without matching it completely.  With the TV mounted over the fireplace, we’ll place the media cabinet under the window, and we’ll move the fun monkey table (currently between the dining area and the fireplace) behind the couch, which is also being moved so that it’s perpendicular to the focal wall.

With the designs signed off on, I’m ready to shop!


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