The Beauty of Online Interior Design

I was contacted last week by a couple who’d just bought a home and went furniture shopping but were hesitant to purchase anything without knowing how the pieces would look together in the space.  I was provided with links to all of the potential pieces, a floor plan and pictures of the room and asked if I could put it all together along with a little bit of design guidance.

Yes, I absolutely can. Ah, the beauty of interior design.

After reviewing the links to all of the potential pieces, I put together a concept board to ensure I was headed in the right direction (the couch, table & chairs and sideboard were chosen by the client, I added the rest):



This was approved with flying colors, which isn’t surprising since the client had already chosen a good chunk of the pieces.  But I did have to glean their preference for modern, clean lines, then tie the palette together with a few choice accessories.

Following approval, I developed the 3D model and sent renders showing their selected pieces and how I would style the space.

render_full1 render2_diningroom render3_diningroom render4_diningroom


These too were very well received, and now after having seen how great the pieces can look in the space, the clients are ready to purchase – and have an interior design “roadmap” to follow when the pieces arrive.




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