Newest Project – Citrus Contemporary

I was called in on my newest project because my client had done what a lot of homeowners do, she over-beiged.  Beige walls, beige couch, beige blinds, beige rug.  Now she hates the space.

I understand why people do this.  Beige is the perfect color between white (that can sometimes feel barren and un-lived in, depending on how it’s used) and real color that can be so scary.  Not to detract from beige…when used correctly, it can be quite beautiful – I actually really do like the color.  However, in this case (as is often the case), it’s too much, and it turned her space into a boring, bland, sea of  beige :-(.

Since some of the major pieces are beige and have to stay, I’m going to work with it, but I’ll freshen it up with an injection of citrus – yellows and poppies (her favorite colors) and a bit of white.



2 thoughts on “Newest Project – Citrus Contemporary

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