Zen Inspired Approval

I was extremely nervous about showing the concept and design, mostly because I wasn’t sure I could achieve everything the clients were requesting while maintaining a clean, minimal Zen aesthetic. I was tasked with:

  • Seating for 6 in a small space, without using a sectional
  • A Tokonoma wall (Not sure what this is? I had to research it too)
  • Use of their existing area rug
  • Use of their existing art work
  • Reupholstery of 2 of their existing chairs
  • A neutral backdrop with indigo and red accents
  • A wall-mounted TV
  • A wall-mounted electric fireplace
  • Better display for the pottery collection
  • And oh yes, did I mention that the pottery has a Southwestern feel????

I felt pretty good about the concept board, but didn’t post the 3D model thinking it would likely undergo significant revising.  However, the clients were happy with it, approved it on the spot and promptly asked if I would also start work on their office space.

Since approved, I will show the design :-).  But first, here’s a “before” shot: LivingRoomB4 And here’s my proposed design.  Note that though the fireplace is electric and doesn’t need it, we’ll build out the wall to both serve as a focal point, and create an area on either side of it where shelves can be installed. render2 Their existing chairs will be re-upholstered in a blue fabric and we’ll add 2 accent chairs opposite them so there’s seating for 6. The clients didn’t want Shoji screens but the straight lines and dark wood of the shelves and mantel help create the same feel. Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 9.32.36 PM I used red in small doses but in fun, Asian-inspired fabrics.  Though not shown here, their dining room chairs will also be recovered in a red, exotic fabric. The blue scroll on the wall on the right is the Tokonoma wall.  I’ll highlight it by painting part of the wall behind it the same darker tan that will be used in the insets on either side of the fireplace.   Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.44.24 PM   The Southwestern pots will sit proudly on floating shelves on the window wall.  Note that the carpet is being replaced with dark hardwood floors throughout the entire space. And now, the fun begins!


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