Sapphire Media Room…So Far

We’re on our second shade of slate blue paint, second wallpaper installation and 4th coffee table selection, but the room is finally starting to come together.  The clients are finicky but happy with the design and though it’s taken a lot to even get to this point, in the end, their satisfaction is all that matters.

Here was the room before we started.  They were especially challenged with how to arrange the modular sofa, so did what most people do – pushed them against the walls :-):


Here was the design I proposed way back when (they love the furniture arrangement, and said they never would’ve thought of arranging the pieces this way themselves):


And here’s where we are so far:

DSC01527 DSC01528

Quite a few changes from the original design:

  • No overhead light fixture (sob, sob)
  • No sconces either (budget cuts)
  • No wall-mounted TV (more budget cuts)
  • No wall-mounted TV cabinet
  • 2 coffee tables instead of 3 (more leg room)

We still need to dress the room, however the clients are very methodical, focusing on only one element at a time before moving on to the next.  So we will sort out window treatments, then select wall art, then remaining decor.

You can see in the above pictures that the dining room has also been painted.  We ordered a new light fixture and sample carpet tiles this weekend, so some good progress there also.




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