Sorry I’ve been AWOL, my daughter is now crawling…

Though I consider myself an accomplished multi-tasker (rarely doing less than at least 3 things at once), even I can’t get much done at home now that my daughter is mobile.  I’ll spare you the details of chasing her around the house until bedtime and running constant interference between her and the cats (she is on a mission to torment them) – suffice it to say that I have been busy.  So while you’ve probably noticed that I’m still reading, liking and commenting on YOUR blogs (while sitting at red lights, waiting in lobbies, in line at Starbucks, etc.), I rarely have the time for my own blog these days.

Lots going on design-wise also.  We’ve made steady, albeit very slow progress on my big project and I know I owe pictures.  I’m hoping to get good “in-progress” pix this weekend.

My newest client wants a Zen-inspired design for her condo and I’m worried.  Though she says “Zen,” I think what she actually wants conflicts with the minimalism of Zen.  Ah well, I will panic a little later when I’m further into the design phase.  If anyone has Zen expertise, please do let me know.

And per an email tonight, I may be starting on a tiny space with an even tinier budget.  It will be tough, but I do love the challenge of putting together a champagne and caviar space on a beer budget.

More to come on all 3 projects soon.



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