The Client Spin

I am dealing with two very smart, very methodical engineers on my current project, and the first space we’re tackling is their Sapphire Media Room. We started with no target budget in mind, and even when I pressed for a range, they wouldn’t give me one because they didn’t want to “limit” themselves.  However, as the purchases and expenses began adding up, they quickly realized what “unlimited budget” could really mean, and at that point, they reigned things in significantly.

No overhead light fixture.  No sconces either 😦

The console table in the picture below is going back, as is the coffee table (the 3rd coffee table we’ve tried or discussed), and the floating media cabinet in the design has been replaced with a standing one.  The remaining major parts of the design are luckily still in tact however, but the client spin has begun…

They do like the revised furniture layout though, and we all agree that the rug is even more beautiful than it appeared in the design.

Wallpaper and paint is scheduled for next Monday, and I’m confident that once they see the room transformed, they’ll begin to relax and their engineer tendencies to over-analyze and over-think will abate.  Hopefully.






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