The Electrician Squashed My Dreams

I recommended to my clients that we meet with the electrician before getting too far into the design phase but I encountered some hesitation – almost as if the relationship were moving too fast 🙂  When I explained that I couldn’t be sure what I could design unless the electrician reviewed the space, their response was, “Assume anything is possible.”  So, for the Sapphire Media Room, I proposed adding an overhead light fixture to the room…and not just any fixture.  As I mentioned in my last post, we agreed on this fantastic Lilly Pad fixture from Lightology:



And it did look great in the room:

foyer_renderHowever, we did finally meet with the electrician who informed us that adding an overhead light fixture to this particular room would be an enormous amount of work (i.e. expensive), so the Lilly Pad overhead light fixture idea is officially…squashed 😦

I am so sad, however that is the way things go sometimes with these projects.  A more palatable solution was to add sconces on the focal wall on a dimmer so that light can be controlled, and obviously dimmed during TV viewing.



I am hoping however, that they will still let me inject a little bit of fun via the sconces.  I love these 3:




So, goodbye dear Lilly Pad fixture.  Perhaps someday we’ll meet again on another project.



2 thoughts on “The Electrician Squashed My Dreams

  1. Oh no, what a shame!! I’m sorry to hear about that, but the sconces look like a fabulous idea too. Love all three of them, can’t wait to see which ones you pick!

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