My Big Project Just Got Bigger

My current project was initially 4 rooms:

  1. Media room
  2. Dining room
  3. Lower living room
  4. Master bedroom

I showed and got sign-off on the first 2 designs a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday I showed the designs for the lower living room and master bedroom.

Here is a “before” shot of the lower living room:

BEFORE_lionroomAnd here is the design I showed (built around a lion statue the clients already own):

lionroom_concept lionroom_render_full lionroom_render_stairsHere is a “before” shot of the bedroom:


And here is the proposed design (built around their most recent vacation to Maui):

bedroom_concept bedroom_render_full1 bedroom_render_full2

HE loved what I call the “Lion Room” – loved the masculine library feel and was especially pleased that not only does his chessboard get to stay, the main wall art also features chess.  She liked it (vs. love) and said it looked nice.

When I showed the master bedroom however, SHE gasped in delight (not surprisingly since it is very feminine and pretty though I specifically tried to keep it gender-neutral), and this time he said it looked nice and, “it all balances out,” referring to his masculine Lion Room vs. the feminine bedroom.

I was a little nervous about the bedroom because I LOVE the design myself and would’ve been heartbroken if they hadn’t liked it.  Luckily they did.

As I was wrapping up the meeting, they started talking about the foyer and how something would obviously need to be done there too.  Incredulous, I asked if they wanted me to design that space.  Their response: “Yes – we’ll eventually have you do all of the rooms in the house.”  They even mentioned wanting help with the backyard patio space.  Interesting.

So my big project just got bigger.  And just I was planning to get back to designing my own basement, I now find myself designing their foyer.




4 thoughts on “My Big Project Just Got Bigger

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  2. Fabulous designs and renderings!! I can’t wait to see these in real life, especially the safari inspired living room – those trunks are divine!

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