Learning to Render

Though the supposedly easy download and install of the rendering plug-in took me days of frustration and hours in their support forum trying to unblock the many, many roadblocks I kept encountering – I did finally get it installed.  And watch out – I’m learning to render.  I’m still far from “photo quality” renderings but I am quite pleased with the rendering-for-dummies results.  Here’s a model before rendering (which I also used to be quite pleased with):


But look how much better it looks rendered:






I still have a lot to learn – there are all sorts of tricks with textures and lighting, and I know I’ve only scratched the surface.  But having started, I couldn’t help but render a few of my other models too:

floralnursery_rendered ktchnpurp_rendered mod_renderedAlright, back to the youtube tutorials.  I’m not even through the basics yet :-P.



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