I must like things that no one else likes because I swear every other item that I try to go back and buy has been discontinued.  In this case, it was my wallpaper choice for the laundry room.  I originally wanted to go with this:



Which would’ve looked great in my laundry room:

designBut as is my curse, this product is no longer available.  I didn’t bother to search high and low like I have in the past (eBay, remnants, etc.) because the more I thought about it, the less in love with it I became.  So I started a new search and came across this



The feel is a little different – slightly less elegant but a bit more fun which I think I like even better.

So I bought it…right away…before it could be discontinued :-).



2 thoughts on “Discontinued…again

  1. You are much more sensible than I am. When something is discontinued I become even more obsessed. If I could be a open minded as you I could save a great deal of time and/or money and disappointment. Like your choices.

    • Ha ha, I am normally like that but it is exhausting! And I didn’t love the original wallpaper enough to expend that kind of energy. Good job on the Quartzite though 🙂

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