Glad I didn’t try to do this myself

Drywall went up today and already the laundry room is much better.  The floor is still cracked, the walls are still stained and the ceiling still needs texture and finishing touches, but the room is transformed nonetheless.  Instead of raw and exposed, it’s starting to feel finished – yes, ugly – but finished at least.

I briefly considered trying to do this myself.  I’m somewhat handy and there’s “how-to” info all over the internet – why not try to muddle through on my own?  It’s just a laundry room, so if I didn’t do a bang up job, at least it’d be in a room that isn’t supposed to be glamorous anyway.  But after seeing the work and precision that went into it, I’m glad I didn’t attempt it.  And my drywaller got it done in a day, whereas I’d still be muddling through this weeks from now.  So here we were before:

DSC00685 DSC00688And here it is today:

drywall1.1 drywall1.2

Much better.  Now I need to decide on tile for the floor.



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