Laundry Room Ceiling

I knew our ceiling had been left undone for a reason and the drywall contractor who came out confirmed it.  The problem is that some of the plumbing is below the framing.  You can see in this picture (right next to the horrendous fluorescent lighting) how the pipes hang lower than the wood framing.

DSC00688Anyone who’s hired contractors for home renovation projects (or watched a lot of HGTV) knows that drywallers don’t frame and framers don’t drywall.  So my drywall contractor high-tailed it out of there and told me to give him a call after it had been framed.

Luckily, the friend/contractor who did our kitchen was available and he was able to frame it lickity split.  The solution was actually quite simple, he dropped the framing down just where the pipes are too low and, similar to how the opposite side of the room is done (above the window), we will drywall around it.



Next stop, drwall.  Then I can move on to the fun stuff.



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