Laundry Room Design

Tomorrow a contractor comes over to hopefully drywall the unfinished ceiling in the laundry room.  I doubt it will be as simple and quick as I’m hoping, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have been left unfinished in the first place.  But it’s a step in the right direction towards my new laundry room design.  Speaking of…here’s my first cut at what I think I want:



I learned that I can’t actually build a structure around the water heater because we need quick access to it so I’ve decided on screens.  That also means that I can’t run the cabinetry all the way all the way to it as I had originally wanted to, which is why the lower cabinetry stops a foot or so away from the screens, and  why the upper shelves on that side are open.  On the opposite wall, over the washer and dryer, we’ll do closed shelving for more storage.

A dark slate floor will anchor the room, and I’ll wallpaper the window wall (which is the first wall you’ll see when you walk in, and can also be seen from the front door to the house).

I’d love zebra wood for the lower cabinets for a little bit of warmth in an otherwise mostly cool color scheme, and as I mentioned in my previous post, a pop of bright yellow to keep things fun.

This could all change of course :-).  First things first though, I’d love to just get the ceiling drywalled tomorrow.


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