My Laundry Room

Everyone assumes that an interior designer’s own space must be fantastic, which makes sense – I mean, you wouldn’t want a hairdresser doing your hair if her hair didn’t look good, right?  But after spending years and years getting my previous house almost exactly the way I wanted it, I moved to my current house…and need to start all over again.   Upgrading a house takes time and money so while there are parts of my house that are fantastic (or so I’ve been told – we do get compliments pretty regularly on it), there are definitely parts that aren’t so fantastic.

Let’s start with a good example before moving on to the bad…

I do like how the kitchen turned out.  Here’s a BEFORE photo:


Yikes, right?  Now you know what I’m dealing with.

And here is the kitchen after 🙂



Since I completed one of my spring projects and sourced everything for the other project, I can focus a bit more time on my own space again, starting with the laundry room.  Ah, how I loathe it currently – from the water stained walls…



…to the exposed ceiling and water heater…


DSC00687…to the raw, cracked cement floor…

DSC00690 – this room doth not designer say.

But stay tuned, I have big plans for it.



8 thoughts on “My Laundry Room

  1. Gorgeous kitchen! Love it… AMAZING before and after photos! Check out mine… if you have a min under DECOR. My kitchen was pretty bad at our summer house. Still a work in progress but we are almost done. Love your photos!

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