BCI Project – Comfy Coastal – Table Lamps

It’s summertime so coastal/beachy stuff is everywhere and I have to make a conscious effort not to jump at every decorative piece of coral or starfish that I see.  It doesn’t add up to good design – I’d end up with something over the top and theme-y – and that was never my intent.  My approach rather, is to sprinkle coastal in here and there, just enough that the space might remind you of  something you’d see near a beach, but not so much that’s its inappropriate anywhere else.

Since I’d been mostly successful at curbing the urge to buy everything coastal (except hurricane lamps, I confess to buying a few and I  keep seeing more that I want to buy), I felt justified buying these:



Just the lamp, not the coral 🙂  I like the warmth of the amber glass (vs. clear) and tan linen shade vs. stark white (although that would’ve worked too since many coastal rooms are light and airy), and of course the rope surrounding the base says, “coastal.”  Had I been heavy on other coastal elements I would’ve skipped these, but they are one of just a few elements that are specifically coastal and I think they add just the right touch.




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