BCI Project – Comfy Coastal – Roman Shades

I learned lots about roman shades on this project, mostly tedious stuff that I won’t go into.  One very important lesson I learned however is about installation.  Most windows have a wood frame or drywall to mount blinds or shades to on the top and the sides, like this:

hm dulley 1 c764-1.jpgBut look at the window on this project:

8ftwindowAt the top of the window where there would normally be drywall or frame…there is more window.  For a normally sized window, this wouldn’t be a problem, a side mount installation would work.  But because this window is so wide (almost 8 feet), a side mount installation wouldn’t hold the weight of the blinds and they’d bow in the middle.  I was close to bagging the idea altogether, but before I did, I tried one last ditch effort and called a local blinds place.  After explaining my problem, they told me about a wonderful invention called a “floating header.”  When there’s no structure to secure the blinds to, they create one:

floatingheaderThis wasn’t in my budget but I was able to reallocate funds to cover the cost and make this work so I can maintain the original design.  Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 1.01.03 PM






2 thoughts on “BCI Project – Comfy Coastal – Roman Shades

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