BCI Project – Comfy Coastal – Lighting

This project presented a challenge in terms of lighting because my client said that she both needed more light in the space but didn’t want to deal with an electrician.  The obvious solution would be lots of lamps, and I did initially incorporate 2, flanking each side of the couch:

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.05.16 PM

But I didn’t feel like this was going to solve the problem, and the design didn’t quite feel complete.  What I really wanted was some sort of chandelier or pendant over the dining table, but the ceiling slants upwards towards the dining room and culminates at 16′, and oh yeah, there’s no light fixture or wiring there for one currently.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 1.01.03 PMSo I had this great idea of using a swag chandelier instead – these are awesome for people who want the finished look of a chandelier without having to deal with the electrical work.  They plug in to any outlet!  Here’s the one I wanted:

swagchandelierEasy peasy – hang it, swag the chain over, run it down the wall and plug it in.  Except that I’m dealing with a 16′ ceiling…which means a lot of chain to swag.  Issue #1 was that all of that chain would look terrible and would be impossible to camouflage.  Issue #2 was that they don’t come with enough chain and wiring for me to do that anyway.

But as usual, I was determined to get the look that I wanted and after much searching discovered that there are also…battery powered light fixtures.  Who knew?  There aren’t many to choose from and they are mostly meant for the outdoors (i.e. weddings and gardens), so they are not the perfect indoor solution.  I would’ve bought this one:

large-crystal-chandelierBut the only on/off option is to use it’s 4 or 8 hour timer.  Most of the battery powered lights I came across had this option.  I considered this guy:

002785 bronze pendantIt has a remote control which I love!  I would’ve tried to hang a drum shade on it to dress it up a bit but the cord is only 4 feet long so it wouldn’t have work no matter what I did with it.

I ended up getting this one:

candlechandelierThe candles are actually LED lights, and the whole thing is battery operated.  It has a pull cord for on and off, and I love that the lantern shape fits with the coastal concept.  The black frame will pick up on the black window frame of the big window in the dining area which will make this fixture feel like it’s meant to be there.  It’s also light weight at only 7 lbs and will hang easily from the ceiling, and most importantly, has no wiring that we’ll have to worry about.  Perfect.

Lastly, I squeezed in a floor lamp I found for a screaming deal on craigslist.  I’ll tuck it in behind the comfy chair to serve as a reading light or just additional light when needed.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.27.33 PM

Lighting challenge = solved.


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