BCI Project – Comfy Coastal – Photo Collage DIY

I keep forgetting to take “before” pictures.  I know, worst blogger ever.  How can the “after” pictures be compelling without “before” pics to compare them to?  Luckily, in this case we’re just dealing with wood picture frames, nothing too abstract.

So, what am I talking about?  The photo collage on the wall with the 16′ ceiling, shown here:

photocollagewallI started by hitting thrift shops looking for picture frames.  Thrift shops are GREAT places to find picture frames, and an added bonus is that many of them will already have mattes in them.  There are tons to choose from so I bought several, the only requirements across all of them being 1) they had to be real wood frames, and 2) they had to have mattes in them.  But the shapes, sizes, wood finish and matte colors were all different.

So I ended up with a collection like this:

woodframe1 woodframe2 woodframe3There are several ways to tie a photo collage together.  You can use all different frames but similar subject matter, i.e. different frames that all contain photos of flowers.  Or even different frames and different subjects but all in the same color scheme.  Or different frames (or the same) and all black and white or sepia toned photos.  You get the idea – something across all of them has to be the same, whether it’s color, subject, shape, etc.  I decided to get all different shaped and sized frames but paint them all the same color.  And I decided to steal an idea I saw on the last season of Design Star and paint all of the mattes the same color too (I’ve done a ton of photo collages but never would’ve thought to paint the mattes – it’s a brilliant idea!).

For the frames, I picked a grayer brown that ties into the color palette and the oversized clock on the side wall.  A friend and I sanded all 14 frames, then applied two coats of the brown paint:

photoframesHere’s the color palette again for reference:


I painted the mattes in the accent color:  blue.

bluemattesNext, I need to select the pictures that will go in the frames.  Some I’ll use as is, but I’ll have to scan in a few to modify  and/or blow them up for reprint at a larger size.  Then I’ll put the photos in the frames and complete the collage.


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