BCI Project – Comfy Coastal – Dining Area

Since this project has a healthy budget, I was surprised that just about every item I attempted to source was way more than I’d budged for.  I was just about to start trimming things out when an odd thing happened…I found a chair.  To be  specific, a chair at a thrift store that would work as the side chair (to the left of the fireplace in the design below), and for the exact amount I had budgeted – literally, almost down to the penny.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 4.34.59 PM

I wasn’t in love with the chair I found but it was the right size and color and definitely the right price, so I bought it, and whether unrelated or not – maybe renewed energy and/or confidence – everything seemed to fall into place after that.  I found the perfect dining table for LESS than what I had budgeted:


The length and pedestal were really what I was after – that it’s distressed is an added bonus.  I scored again by getting the floor model for 25% off and found a beautiful set of Pottery Barn rattan chairs on craigslist (also for less than budgeted).  The entire dining set came in at just a little over half of what I had budgeted.  On a whim, I also searched craigslist for a wicker trunk and found a perfect one for 1/3 of what I’d budgeted.

Now, back to the chair…I went to pick it up a few days post-purchase and by some twist of fate, the “sold” sign had fallen off it it, so it was sold out from under me.  I see this as a blessing in disguise however because, as I said, I wasn’t in love with it and by this point I’d created a surplus by saving so much on the dining set and wicker trunk, that I was able to reallocate funds to the chair and get something I was much more happy with.  rollx

I don’t have a picture of the thrift store chair but suffice it to say that this one is much, much better.  My main issue with the other chair was that it had very straight clean lines – mod/contemporary – so not quite the look I’m going for.  The rolled arms and chunkiness of the new chair give it that traditional, comfortable feel that’s much more appropriate for a coastal design.


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