BCI Project – Comfy Coastal

I met with my newest client and besides the 5 year old who told me that she wanted a purple princess room, this is the most design direction I’ve received from a client at the start of a project.  She showed me pictures from magazines that she’d been collecting as inspiration and her style was apparent immediately:  coastal.  There are many variations on coastal ranging from cottage to beachy to full on tropical, but my client expressed wanting the space to feel lived in, relaxed and welcoming, so that’s what we’re calling this one, “Comfy Coastal.”

Light and airy palettes, distressed woods, comfy sofas, hurricane jars – that’s what I think of when I hear “coastal.”  It’s everywhere, even popular enough to have its own magazine (Coastal Living).  It’s also something I haven’t done yet, so an exciting challenge.   I’m looking forward to getting to work on it!


One thought on “BCI Project – Comfy Coastal

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