BCI Project – Comfy Coastal Design

I’m meeting with my client this coming Friday to go over the first cut of the design.  I’m confident that she’ll like it, just not so sure how realistic it’ll be to implement what I’ve designed within the timeframe and budget.  Let’s take a look:



In theory this is great but actually translating into her living space is a bit tricky.  I’d love to put that distressed whitewashed wood panelling that you see so much in coastal designs on the TV wall, but it is a big commitment (people are still undoing wood panelling from the 70’s), not so easy an application and even less easy to undo down the road.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 1.01.03 PM


I’d also like to build the banquette/window bench seating shown in the design here – but again, a big commitment and extremely difficult to undo.  But I will propose both and modify the design as necessary following the meeting.

Once approved, the fun starts – shopping.  I’ve only actually sourced a few of the items in the design – the curtains, the clock and the area rug.  She already owns the sofa and wants to keep it, but I’ll need to go in search of everything else and find comparable items within my budget.




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