BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Recliner

Finding the right recliner was more difficult than I thought it would be.  I won’t go into a lot of detail on the process because it bores me just thinking about it – in short, the deciding factors were, a) comfort, since I’ve heard I will be spending many, many hours in it, b) practicality, i.e. easy to clean spit up off of, and c) the right look for my design.

I originally wanted white to go with all of the other white furniture in the room but was scared off by the unavoidable battle of trying to keep it clean.  Furniture can be wiped down and sheets can be washed, but a white upholstered chair would be a nightmare.  I started with something like this:


But I didn’t want to add more of the blue-green to the room.

Then I briefly considered this:

eggplantreclinerBut it didn’t knock my socks off.

I really liked this one and actually had it in my cart for awhile.  Had I been able to find a coupon right away, I probably would’ve bought it:



But the longer I waited for a coupon, the more I worried about how comfortable it would be.  There were no reviews on it, and it was too expensive to take a chance on, so I moved on.

I love this chair but it’s even more expensive than the gray one above:



WAY out of the budget and a bit off color-wise, so I continued my search.  I eventually decided on this one:

ivoryleatherchairI like that it’s white since that’s what I originally wanted, and the trick here is that it’s leather, so easy to clean despite being white.  I also like its modern lines, and while it certainly looks comfortable, what ultimately sold me on it were glowing reviews.  It’s about the same price as the gray recliner above but several people mentioned how this was such a great value, how it looks even better in person, how it looks more expensive than it is, and how comfortable it is.

I’m set in terms of furniture and now I can focus on decor.





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