BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Lighting

Unlike many of the other elements in the room, i.e. the area rug, I knew exactly what I wanted for lighting:



This fixture is glorious and I loved it the moment I saw it.  But of course by the time I got around to buying it, the size I wanted was out of stock.  *Sigh.*  The bigger size would’ve overpowered the small room, and though there are a few similar knock offs, I didn’t like them as much and/or they didn’t come in the smaller size, so after yet another exhaustive search online for something that wasn’t meant to be, I gave up and moved on to plan B.

I narrowed the choice down to 2 options and really struggled at this point because I liked them both so much:flwrcrystl rorylightI went round and round on these, feeling that the floral drum shade was too perfect for my sophisticated floral theme to pass up, but loving the simplicity of the crystal orbs in the second one better, and feeling that it was just a bit more fun and young than the other one.  I asked a friend for her opinion and she reminded me of my own rule not to go overboard with a theme and that there were already plenty of other floral elements in the room.  So I bought the second one (online reviews were very positive) and now that it’s in the room, I love it even more.  When we drive up to the house at night, I can see the light through the window and the crystals twinkle like stars.  When lit, it casts a gorgeous reflection that reminds me of water:


Everyone who sees it loves it.


And though I didn’t plan this, I love how the shape of the fixture and the crystals themselves are reminiscent of the flower balls and the flowers in the wall decal:


With the overhead light taken care of, I moved on to lamps.  I’m wondering if I should go into the lamp business because they must be making money hand over fist.  Why are lamps so expensive???  But I digress…

Since I failed to bring in much color in the area rug, decal or any of the furniture, I was determined to do so with a lamp.  I was set on  purple or pink but most of the options out there are baby-themed.  While understandable, that’s not what I was looking for.  I also wanted a patterned lamp shade because other than the fabric for the crib bedding, everything else in the room is solid, and good designs need layers of pattern and texture.

Initially, I considered this one:



I love this lamp – the color is perfect and I like that the pattern on the lamp shade.  I worried about the size though, and when I put it into the 3D model, I didn’t love it with the rest of the room.

Then I found this one:



And I almost bought it.  The color is perfect.  It has a pattern on the lamp shade.  It’s contemporary and feminine.  But I kept hesitating and I finally realized that though I like this lamp and it’s fun and appropriate for a girl’s room, the pattern is a little too cartoon-y for the look I’m going for and that’s what stopped me.  The lamp in and of itself is great and I do like it, but there’s nothing else cartoon-y in the room  (at least not yet – ask me again in a year).  I’m going for more of an elegant feel (whether or not that’s practical for a nursery is debatable, but it is what is is) so I didn’t buy it because it won’t “go” with everything else.

Then I found this one:

purplelinelampI love the deep purple and it’s a little easier with the seafoam than the hot pink.  The clear lamp base is visually lighter than the hot pink lamp so the size is less of an issue.  And most importantly, not only does the shade have a pattern, it’s also very similar to the original light fixture that I wanted which makes me feel like I was able to sneak in a little piece of what I wanted.

helix purplelinelamp


And it looks great in the room:


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