BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Art Work2

I saw this in a CB2 catalog a long time ago and loved it.  It’s called, “Weeds”.  I cut it out and put it in my idea book hoping to be able to work it into one of my future projects.

WeedsWallArtLLS10As I was designing the nursery I realized that “Weeds” would work great in the room.  The color is perfect and I love the design – floral, but an abstract, contemporary take on it.  But of course by the time I got around to buying this, it had been discontinued.  I searched everywhere – ebay, craigslist, everywhere I could think of, and while I’m sure this is being sold somewhere on this planet, I could not find it.

I considered trying to make it (or something similar) but knew that I didn’t have the time (nor potentially the skill), so, on to plan B.


While I love the 3-D aspect of “Weeds,” I love this wall decal too and it actually has a very similar feel.  I like it in white as shown in the picture but felt that there was already enough white in the nursery and that it might not be strong enough against the seafoam. Instead, I thought this might be a good opportunity to work some of the bright colors of the fabric into the room, especially since the decal comes in so many colors.  I narrowed down the choices, then mocked each one up against the seafoam to see which I liked best:

poppiesBut I didn’t like any of them.  I didn’t want to add any more teal into the room, which eliminates the 2 left choices and top, far right.  The pink and lavender were too pastel-y/Easter egg-y against the seafoam, and I wasn’t in love with the purple, which meant they were all wrong.  As a joke, baby’s father suggested to me “spaceship gray” (inside joke that I won’t go into), and I realized that surprisingly, he was right.  SILVER.silverwalldecal4I heart it in silver, and though it’s more subtle than I’d originally had in mind, I like it even better – it’s like a shimmery shadow.  And as you can see with the hot pink flower ball on the left side of the picture, there will still be plenty of color in the room.

I also love how the decal mimics the shape of the flowers in the area rug but don’t match them exactly:


nursery-with-decalIt’s starting to come together.


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