BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Art Work

With the bones of the room in place, it was time to start thinking about the walls.  I originally liked the idea of this for artwork – flowers fit my concept of course and they’re light and airy, if a bit wintery.


And so began an exhaustive search for these online.  I took this photo so I knew which store carried them but I was on bed rest at the time when I was searching so was hoping to find them online.  No luck.  And after days and days and hundreds of different key word searches, I learned that the official term for this in photography is selective focus, but that didn’t help me locate these.  So I switched tactics – armed with selective focus I began looking for a similar replacement.  There were plenty of options to choose from and I ended up going with these:

tulips ada-summer-pink-ranunculusI like these even better because they have the same in focus/out of focus look that I liked so much in the original artwork above but with more of the springtime feel of the inspiration.

Now let’s look at everything together:

nursery-concept5And in the room:

nurserywithartNext up…art for the opposite wall.






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