BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Furniture

I made the decision early on to go with all white furniture for 3 main reasons:  1) it’s easy to find without having to buy a set, 2) it tones down the seafoam and all of the other bright elements that will be in the room, and 3) it’s a prominent color in the ad, so I wanted it prominent in the room.

As I mentioned in my post on curtains, I splurged in other areas so was looking to save a good chunk on furniture.  I knew I could do this because there’s an abundance of it on craigslist and a lot of it is white.  So I began searching with the main goal of finding pieces that will transition well and grow with baby.  I haven’t specifically mentioned this but you may notice that there aren’t a lot of baby-specific items in the room and that’s on purpose.  Baby stuff is fun, but temporary, and I’d prefer something that she can grow into that won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

I started with the crib and was uncharacteristically not picky here, feeling that anything white, somewhat modern and most importantly, convertible  would do just fine.  There are hundreds on craigslist at very reasonable prices so I had plenty to choose from.  I went with one that has good reviews on Amazon for safety and quality and that will easily convert to a full sized bed.

I also found my changing table-dresser and side table on craigslist (separately), both also very reasonably priced, saving me a good amount of money to spend on more decorative items. I like things to “go together” without matching them specifically and buying separate items all in white was an easy way to do this.


The “bones” of the room are in.  Now we can move on to the fun stuff.





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