BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Area Rug

I’m uber selective about area rugs though I’m not sure why.  Maybe because a rug is such a big element in a room?  So the feel of a rug can change the feel of a room?  I don’t know but when I’m looking for a rug, it has to be perfect – color, size and design – and I won’t stop looking until I find exactly what I want.  The problem is…I never know what I want until I see it.

I did try to go into it with a game plan because if you’ve ever looked for area rugs you know that there are gazillions out there to choose from and if you don’t have some sort of game plan, you’ll be quickly overwhelmed.  I started with size since that was easy.  3 x 5 = too small.  8 x 10 = too big. That left 5 x 7 or 4 x 6.   Then I thought about color.  I originally wanted a big splash of saturated color and here’s why.  If we go go back to my inspiration…

Dolce-Gabbana-Bouquet[1]…and the design so far…


nursery-with-furniture…there’s a lot of seafoam, teal and white going on and I wanted to incorporate more colors from the fabric, ideally a rich pink or purple, maybe even yellow.

The beauty of the 3D model is that I could import each rug choice I was considering into it to see how it actually looked in the room, and that’s ultimately what helped me make my decision.  I looked at hundreds of rugs, maybe thousands, and imported a dozen or so to see how they looked in the room.  I considered all of these and many more:

bluetauperugToo beige…

…loved this one but it didn’t look right in the room…

love the white flokati but too difficult to keep clean…

pretty but too pastel, and not quite the look I’m going for…


too busy…starburstrug

Then I found this one and finally had my “Ah hah” moment:

tealfloralrugThis is not what I originally had in mind because I thought I wanted a big pop of color like the flower balls.  It’s more of the seafoam color, yes but I can introduce the bright colors in other ways – art, decor, etc.  And this is perfect – the color could not be better.  And I love how the floral is varied, flirty, feminine and whimsical, exactly like the fabric for the crib bedding though it looks nothing like it.  That’s how I knew it was right.

Let’s see how our concept is coming together:


And it looks great in the room:nurserywithrug

Lots of good progress but still lots more to do!


2 thoughts on “BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Area Rug

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