BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – The Room

The room is almost a square at 9′ x 10′, so easy to work with – no tough angles or architecture to work around.  The first step was to paint the walls the lovely seafoam blue that is the backdrop in the inspiration ad.

paintedwallsThough I love the color (it turned out better than I’d imagined), because the room is so simple, I wanted to add more visual interest.  My original idea was to add wainscot to the walls, but that was before I realized how much wainscot costs (who knew it was so expensive???), so my budget-friendly solution was to mimic (fake) the look of real wainscot with a simple chair rail and wood panel squares.

photo 2

This was also another way for me to work more white into the room which is the 2nd most dominant color in my inspiration.

photo 3

I like that it adds visual interest but is subtle enough to not compete with anything else in the room.

A rough representation of the wainscot and curtains which just don’t do the ruffles justice, but you get the idea.


With the framework is in place, we can start building the room.


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