BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Curtains

In my last post, I talked about too much of a good thing.   In this case, flowers.  I could easily have put flowers everywhere, including on the curtains for the window.  I was tempted to use the beautiful fabric I found for the crib bedding for curtains as well, but the room would’ve become too matchy and overdone.  And when I saw how it looked in my modeling program, I wasn’t in love with the light fabric against the light wall – there wasn’t enough contrast, I wanted something bolder.

I wasn’t actually looking for curtains when I came across these, but I knew as soon as I saw them that they were perfect:

curtainsThough she loves my style, my best friend questions ALL of my decisions along the way until she sees the end result.  When she saw my initial designs, she said, “It’s for a girl, you can’t paint the room BLUE!”  Yes, blue is typically for boys, and I knew what she was getting at.  However, there will be no mistaking this for a boy’s room because while the color is a bit atypical, I’m including elements that will be unmistakably feminine…like these curtains.

These are fun, flirty and feminine – just like my inspiration.  The ruffles cleverly give them the flower feeling without actually being floral.  And, I love how the darker teal (perfectly within my color palette) jumps nicely off of the much lighter seafoam walls.  So while these were WAY more than I wanted to spend, I had to have them, and I’m OK with the splurge since I saved a bundle by getting all of the furniture on craigslist (to be discussed in a later post).

Let’s see how the pieces look together so far and how we’re tracking against the inspiration piece:




Notice how they feel the same, though nothing actually is the same.  Next up, we’ll take a look in the room.




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