BCI Project: Sophisticated Floral Nursery – Flower Balls

I could easily go overboard with a floral theme – flower decor is easy to find and so much of it is beautiful.  But there is a point where if there’s too much of any one thing in a room, it becomes theme-y and matchy instead of designed.  So while shopping for decor, it’s important not to jump at every single pretty item that seemingly fits your concept.  On this project in particular, I found myself having to remind myself of that several times…but not on these:

flowerballsFlower balls with a little bit of bling.  These are gorgeous and I didn’t hesitate for a second to buy them (for more info on these, see Etsy shop).  Let’s talk about why, starting with my inspiration which I’ll post again here since I never get tired of looking at it:

Dolce-Gabbana-Bouquet[1]Do the flower balls…

  1. Fit with the floral theme?  Yes, of course.  Check!
  2. Fit with the color palette?  Yes, they come in a range of colors – I ordered fuchsia  yellow and white per the colors in the dress.  Check!
  3. Fit with the concept?  Yes, the little jewels give them the extra bit of sophistication I’m always looking for when shopping for this nursery.  Check!
  4. Fun and flirty?  Yes, of course.  They’re flower balls!  Check!

I also love 3-D elements in kids’ rooms – you’ll see it in my work quite a bit because I feel like they’re the best way to add whimsy.

Now, let’s layer our first 2 elements in to see how we’re doing against the inspiration (read about finding the fabric here).  I’ll continue to layer each element in so you can see how they work together, and as we get further along I’ll build in Sketchup so you can actually see the elements in the room.


Early still but looking good so far.  Next post, splurging on the perfect curtains.


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