BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom 8

I am finally back.  I won’t go into the details of why it’s taken me so long to get around to blogging again, only that there has a flurry of other things taking precedence.

I’m happy to report that I solved my area rug challenge.  I found this one online and believe it or not, love it even more than the dandelion rug:

The colors are even better (looking back, I’d say the dandelion rug was a bit too on the golden side) and the tie to the medallions in the bedding is obvious.

The only hurdle left to overcome was the size – in the end, I purchased 2 smaller versions which I will lay side by side to form one big area bug.  They cost me a little more than I had budgeted but are worth the expense.  I worried about the seams of the 2 rugs being too conspicuos (i.e. it being obvious that there were 2 rugs, not 1 big one) but I unwrapped them recently and inspected the edges and I think they will line up nicely.  The majority of the rugs will be covered by the bed anyway.

I found myself at a discount store without my paint chips which meant that as I pondered a set of curtains which were a great price, I had to rely on my color memory alone which is typically pretty good.  I wasn’t sure about them but bought them anyway figuring I could return them if they weren’t the right shade, and I’ve looked at them several times now and still can’t decide.  Like the dandelion rug, they might be a bit too burnished, whereas the color scheme is now leaning more towards the taupes and grays.  And in the original design, I had used a dark mushroom color (imagine a deeper, darker version of the taupe in the rug above) which I still think would look quite nice, so the curtains may get returned.

The rest of the bedroom is easy – 2 lamps, 2 mirrors, an art piece or two, decor for 2 nightstands.  Easy peazy.

After much research, I determined that the bathroom project needed to be scaled back.  A new vanity is way out of the budget, as would be the install which is out of my skillset so would need to be done by a professional.  We do want to improve on the laminate counters however, and the standard fixtures that are put in by the builders.  I think we can make a few swaps (counter top, sink, mirror, light fixture) and still end up with a significant makeover.  This has been good practice for me too – I know a lot more about bathroom upgrades than I did a few months ago.  I will be much more prepared the next time around.

This weekend I’m shopping with my client to look at bathroom fixtures.  While I do appreciate the freedom she’s given me and the trust to design as I feel best, I didn’t feel right about making decisions on things that can’t be easily replaced.  Paint is easy to paint over.  Curtains and bedding can be replaced.  Bathroom sinks, faucets and light fixtures…not so much.  I think we’ll both feel better if we do this together.

By my next post, I hope to have the bathroom design ready to show.


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