BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom 7

I’m delinquent in posting but I have been making progress.  I’ve decided to outsource the headboard.  I *probably* could’ve built it myself and I am confident that it would’ve turned out somewhat acceptable, however for $50 more than I had budgeted for it, I can have it built by someone who knows what they are doing, which also frees me up to do other things.  I’m keeping the design simple and clean – the wow factor will come from it’s impressive size at a little over 7 feet wide.

I received the bedding and it is lovely, which is a relief since there was a comment online from someone else who had purchased it saying it looked and felt ‘cheap’.  I definitely disagree.  The colors and subtle sheen give it the sophisticated feel of much more expensive bedding.  I also received the stencil, picked paint colors, purchased both nightstands and began working on the bathroom design.

That all probably sounds great, but I’ve admittedly hit a roadblock with the area rug.  I am very picky about area rugs, well…I am very picky about a lot of things.  But most picky about bedding, curtains and area rugs.  I hate cheap curtains (you can always tell when they are cheap), am very picky about bedding since it is typically the focal point of a bedroom, and am borderline OCD about area rugs.   It has to ‘speak’ to me, and like most things I’m shopping for, I have only a vague idea of what I need but never know quite exactly what I want until I see it.  And yep, I saw it.  I am absolutely IN LOVE with this Alexa Pino Dandelion rug:

Let’s talk about why.  Remember the bedding:

The neutral colors of the dandelion rug are dead on, but what I love most are how the shape and spikes of the dandelions are a nod back to the medallions on the bedding without matching them.  Fabulous.  The problem however, is that even with a 10% off coupon, the dandelion rug is triple what I have budgeted for an area rug and there’s no way to absorb the overage or re-arrange (i.e. sacrifice in other areas) to make it work.  I could go back to the client and ask for more money, but for me that is always an absolute last resort.

So, plan B is to find a cheaper replacement but like that one true love, I can’t get over it and no other rug is measuring up :-).  If anyone is keeping track and noticed that the dandelion rug isn’t the rug in the original design, I should also explain that the original rug is also triple what I have budgeted.

I can only blame myself for this – I based my estimate on previous projects, not realizing that I would need something much bigger this time around (big bed = big area rug).  And I thought that finding a second-hand rug would be relatively easy since I’m not looking for anything rare or obscure.  Beige rugs should be a dime a dozen but I’ve been shopping for weeks now with no luck and with the way I obsess, it’s preventing me from moving on to other things.  So I will likely need to talk myself into some sort of compromise soon.

Tomorrow, if time allows I’m hoping to re-measure the bathroom so that I can dive a little deeper into the bathroom design.  I would love to replace their existing vanity with something like this:

Or this:

But the budget may not allow for this either.  I’ll know more when I have better measurements.

For now, I’m back to the area rug search.


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