BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom 6 (Nightstands…Check!)

I walked into a thrift store a couple of days ago and within seconds saw exactly what I was looking for…the 2nd nightstand.  Though this happens on every project, I almost still can’t believe my luck.  Persistence pays.  In my last post, I mentioned that I had found “his” nightstand – straight, clean lines (pretty much perfectly rectangular) with a deep cherry finish.  It’s beautiful.  Now I have the “her” counterpart – a 3 drawer small dresser (or tall nightstand) with graceful curves that lend it femininity without being ornate.  It’s exactly the same height as “his” so while I had considered adding legs to “his” to give it height, since “hers” can’t be modified, I’m going to leave them as is.  I love that they are the same height, and at 27 inches tall compared to the 33 inch taller bed, I think the scale will still work.  “Her” nightstand is in the same color family of warm browns but not exactly the same, so while there will be unity in the color scheme (and because of the similar size and scale), we avoid the look of a matchy-matchy set.  She was a little more than I had budgeted, but because “his” was so much less than I had budgeted, I still saved money in the end.

Both will need slight refinishing, so I will post before and after pictures (eventually).

Now on to the fun stuff…yes, I have been procrastinating on building the headboard, but I’ve been inspired by Hostess with the Motzes (Love “Mommy Bought a Power Saw” :-)) and I’m almost ready to tackle it…right after I buy a power saw.

In the meantime, I’ll be looking for an area rug, curtains, mirrors and decor. And at some point, I have to design the bathroom too…


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