BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom 5 (One Nightstand Down)

I ordered the bedding, purchasing the 12 piece set instead of the 6 piece set because the 6 piece didn’t come in California King, and the 12 piece includes sheets and pillow cases which saves me time.  I spent more than budgeted for bedding however, which means that I have to cut somewhere else and that scared me after an initial pass through the thrift stores for nightstands where I found absolutely nothing close to what I’m looking for within my budget.

I then turned to craigslist, figuring I’d have more options within my budget and while there are hundreds and hundreds of nightstands on craigslist, I eventually figured out the problem…most nightstands are, well, tiny.  Short (most are between 21 – 24 inches tall) and narrow (anywhere from 12 – 20 inches wide).  And as I’ve mentioned several times before, the bed I’m working with is gigantic.  As if 7 feet by 7 feet wasn’t large enough, it’s also 33 inches high which means that a 21 inch nightstand will be dwarfed next to it.

I then changed my search to “small dresser” which got me closer, but the disadvantage of craigslist is not being able to see in person and/or touch.

So I did another thrift store pass today, and the GREAT thing about thrift stores is that their inventory is constantly changing.  So while I didn’t find anything in my first pass, I returned to the same stores today and finally found what I’m looking for.  Well…one of them at least.  Still, I am quite pleased.

It’s a bit short at 27 inches tall but I can easily add height with chrome or stainless steel furniture legs, which I actually think will look quite nice.  The deep, cherry wood is the perfect color and though there are scratches and water stains on the top, I can sand those out and re-stain it, restoring it to it’s former glory.   The lines are clean and contemporary, and the stainless steel handles mean I don’t have to replace them.

But the best news is that it cost only 30% of what I had budgeted for ONE nightstand, which not only makes up for the overage on the bedding, but also leaves a little extra.

There’s a lock on the top drawer which means it’s probably a piece of office furniture vs. an actual nightstand and I considered removing it and disguising or patching the hole that would be left there.  But the more I think about it, the more I like it.  In a household with kids, a lock on the nightstand drawer might not be a bad thing.  It has sort of a masculine feel which I think will be perfect as the “his” nightstand, and I like the idea of getting a slightly more rounded, intricate piece for the “her” counterpart.

One nightstand down, one to go.



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