BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom 4 (The Hunt for Nightstands)

Relatively speaking, I don’t have to buy much for the bedroom.  They already own the biggest piece (the bed) and since I’ll be attempting to make the headboard, I don’t have to hunt around shopping for one in my price range (although if anyone knows where I can get a California-King sized cream colored, tufted headboard for less than $250, please do let me know :-)).  Here are the only items on my shopping list:

  1. 2 nightstands (and maybe a dresser)
  2. 2 mirrors
  3. the stencil (already know where to get this)
  4. 2 light fixtures
  5. wall art
  6. bedding
  7. TV wall mount
  8. decor
  9. paint

Easy…except for the nightstands.  I budgeted for 2nd-hand pieces but the majority of what you’ll see at thrift shops is there for a reason – either in extremely bad shape or extremely out-dated.  I can refinish if necessary – many people had doubts about the nightstands I purchased for “Purple Princess” but they turned out great if I do say so myself:

However, refinishing takes time and effort and can cost a bit also, as I learned on my last project where I bought a leather-looking chair off of craigslist for $10 thinking I’d gotten a steal, then proceeded to spend $70 on supplies to patch it and replace missing buttons.  And refinishing still means that I have to find pieces with the right “bones”.

Searching on craigslist so far has been unsuccessful.  The main problems are:

  1. they have to be modern looking (so, nice clean lines) but thrift pieces are mostly ornate or overly traditional.
  2. they have to be at a certain level of quality and again, a lot of 2nd-hand stuff is too cheap to even consider.
  3. they have to be the right height, width and depth for the size and scale of the room and gigantic bed.
  4. they need to have storage – a side table isn’t out of the question but I would prefer drawers.
  5. ideally they’ll be the correct color (but I can easily change this).
  6. and though different from each other, the pair needs to be approximately the same size and shape.

All of this on a tiny budget is not easy to accomplish.  I’m not discouraged however.  I know that I just need to keep looking.  I’ve gone through this process several times, and I know that eventually I’ll come across exactly what I’m looking for.

So the hunt for the right nightstands at the right price continues.


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