BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom 3

I’ve completed the bulk of the design for the bedroom and I’m reasonably pleased with it.  This is of course, just a map to guide me while shopping because the actual pieces I purchase may end up being quite different than what’s shown here.  The design often changes and evolves during the process as I’ll typically find something while shopping that I hadn’t considered previously.  But for now, here is the preliminary design:

As I mentioned in my last post, I want to keep the palette relatively monochromatic – light and dark shades of taupe.  No, it won’t be your standard boring beige because we’ll have lots of interest in textures and patterns.

I started with perfect symmetry because I love that in bedrooms, and varied it only slightly with different nightstands (his and hers 🙂 ). I would love to do pendant lamps though this may not be realistic with my budget because of electrical wiring costs.  There may be some sort of cost effective workaround however (fingers crossed).

Though I actually don’t love (ok, I’ll say it – I hate it) the process of stenciling, it’s quickly becoming one of my signatures.   I like using them because they make a big statement but can easily be undone by simply painting over them when you’re tired of it.  The 3 faint semi-circles behind the headboard represent a fun stencil I found (below, right).  So once again, though I DREAD the actual stencil application, I could not pass up this lovely medallion stencil that speaks to the pattern on the bedding (which is distorted in our 3D model, so I’ll show it again here):

It’s perfect.  I also love stencils because you can do them in whatever colors you want.  Note that I’ve reversed what you see on the bedding, doing light on dark in the stencil, whereas the medallion on the bedding is dark on light.  And I may overlap the medallions as shown on the retailer’s web site to add complexity but I usually make those types of decisions on site.

Now, the hardest part of this process is finding what I want (i.e. what I’ve designed) within my price range.  Probably my biggest signature is that I work on extremely tiny budgets – trying to get that high end look for almost no money 🙂  Maybe you’ve seen the shows on HGTV – High Low Project, Shabby Chic, Design on a Dime (their stuff tends to be no bueno though IMO, except for the newest host, Casey – she’s got skillz).  That’s what I do.  So now I get to scour every second hand store within a 60 mile radius looking for items that’ll fit within my budget or can be refinished and repurposed.  It may sound tedious, but I enjoy the hunt.

Oh, and yeah…I have to build that headboard…but we’ll get to that later…


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