BCI Project: Master Bed & Bathroom

My next project is a redesign of a master bed and bathroom suite. I’ve done two other projects/rooms for this client (“Purple Princess” and “World Traveler” for those familiar with my work; if you’d like a peak, see my portfolio -> “Nurseries” and “Bedrooms”), and whereas I had ideas almost immediately for both of those rooms, I’m still searching for a jumping off point with this one.

Since they are pleased with my previous work and trust my design decisions, the clients have given me complete free reign. While this is great, and my favorite kind of project, getting absolutely no direction from a client means I have absolutely no idea where to start.

There are a few concepts floating loosely around in my head, mainly, I’d like to incorporate a dramatic and potentially oversized, tufted headboard, but I haven’t gotten much farther than that. I’m considering wallpaper for a feature wall but haven’t seen anything that inspires me yet. I haven’t settled on a palette either, however I do know that the clients prefer neutrals, earth tones and muted colors.

The one given is their gigantic king-cal bed which takes up the majority of the space in the small room. The ceiling is also relatively low, so while I love the idea of a romantic 4-poster bed (I love when the posts are draped in a soft white linen), my initial thought is that the room is too small to support it. More likely I will use tricks to make the room seem bigger (i.e. minimal contrast, strategically placed mirrors, perhaps even subtle stripes to make the room seem wider or taller).

The bathroom will have the standard upgrades – new countertop, new mirror, new light fixture, new sink and faucet. I have vague ideas on this also. I anticipate that the design of the room will come first and the bathroom will follow, however since I’m having no luck finding inspiration for the bedroom, I wonder if I should switch gears and look at tile and fixtures and work backwards?

The beginning stages are always the hardest for me. I’m looking forward to finding inspiration so that I can get moving and get to my favorite part…the shopping :-).

By my next post, I hope to have found inspiration. Wish me luck!


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