BCI Project: Alphabet Nursery 4

Our alphabet nursery is done and both mom and baby boy are happy and healthy.   I am pleased with the outcome of the design, especially how the bits of orange, a perfect complement to the blues, keep the eye moving around the room.  The mural is interesting but not overpowering because of the soft colors and continuation of the sky blue around the room.  And my LED-back-lit block letters came out exactly as I’d hoped, a customized special touch that you won’t see in other nurseries that sets this one apart.  As promised, the before and after pictures are below, and I am on to my next design project, a bed and bathroom suite redesign.  Follow my next posts to see how it turns out!



2 thoughts on “BCI Project: Alphabet Nursery 4

  1. Funny you should say that about Star Wars, I actually saw this idea originally at the Kennedy Space Center. They had the moon set off the wall and backlit which is what gave me the idea. I used papier mache letters for budget reasons and I’m glad b/c they were light and easy to hang. I ordered an LED light kit with a dimmer from a store online. After painting the letters and attaching them to each other, I wrapped the LED lights around the back of them, then hung the whole thing about an inch from the wall.

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