BCI Project: Alphabet Nursery 3

I realize that in my first post I said alphabet bedding would be “way too much” with the alphabet mural, then turned around and purchased the ducduc alphabet set 🙂 Why the 180? Well, while I do try to stay away from designing “theme-y” rooms (especially nurseries), I usually have such a hard time finding bedding that works in the room and that inspires me that I could not resist the ducduc set. I love the fun font, how it ties to the mural without repeating it exactly, and most importantly how the color scheme works with my design but is also unexpected because of the pop of orange.

Now however, with 2 pretty significant areas covered in the alphabet, I will try to stay away from any other alphabet themed accessories or decor…except for the final project, which I had always planned on, and will be discussed in later posts.

To maintain our budget, I did some second-hand shopping for decor and found blue picture frames which will work great.  One of the frames also has a thin orange matte which I love.  I purchased this “Finding Nemo” print to go inside of it because 1) the mother loves Disney, 2) Disney is always great for kids’ rooms and nurseries, and 3) I wanted something that had nothing to do with the alphabet but that still worked in the room. The colors are really what make this work.  How great is it that Nemo-who is the focal point-is in our accent color?  This will look spectacular in the blue frame and orange matte.

You can see here the design starting to come together:

The colors are looking great, however you may have noticed that the blue is overwhelming at this point and I do hope to balance that out with a few more orange and perhaps white accessories.

We’re just about ready to take a preliminary look at the room, but first a little background information.  We’re re-using all of the nursery furniture from a previous project (“Balloon Nursery” for those familiar with my work; if not, and you’d like a peak, see http://www.blackcatinteriors.com).  We have a crib, dresser, rocking chair with blue cushion, a side table that I painted a pale shade of blue, and a blue flokati area rug.  I have not decided whether or not to re-use the lamps.

So far, so good. The final project will be on the wall which isn’t visible in the 3D model above and will be used to tie all of the colors in the room together and set this apart from other nurseries. We’ll get started on the final project in my next posts.


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