BCI Project: Alphabet Nursery 2

In my last post I mentioned that the mother-to-be liked this alphabet mural and that’s what became our jumping off point:

I like the mural too because while it’s fun and appropriate for a baby’s room, the clean lines of the letters and soft blue give it a contemporary feel that keeps it from becoming over the top “baby” like much of the nursery decor that’s out on the market. Not that there’s anything wrong with traditional nursery decor, but my particular style is more contemporary, so this mural will be easier for me to work with.

I had hoped to find simple bedding, perhaps in blue and white polka dots or stripes, however my experience with less expensive bedding is that it’s almost always themed with some sort of object – trains, bears, frogs, what have you. The higher end stuff is better but my budget on this project doesn’t support it, especially since we splurged on the mural. So imagine my surprise when, with an extreme stroke of luck I came across this ducduc set on Craigslist:

For $20 total, the set was a steal and could not be more perfect for the room. It also conveniently determined our accent color, a fresh pop of hot orange.

Next, curtains. I considered making my own because I wanted curtains that contained all three colors – sky blue, orange and ivory – but didn’t think they’d be easy to find. I was right – at least in my initial online searches. There aren’t many (if any) out there online but I did come across these by Land of Nod:

And when incorporated into the design, I liked the addition of the navy blue though I hadn’t anticipated a fourth color in the scheme.

Now with the color palette set, I can move on to the final touches – wall color, artwork and accessories. I’ll discuss those in the next posts.


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