BCI Project: Alphabet Nursery

My next project is “Alphabet Nursery.”  For bedrooms (kids and adults), I typically start with bedding that ‘speaks’ to me, then design the room around it (much easier than designing a room, then finding bedding that fits into your existing look, feel and color scheme), however the mother-to-be on this project fell in love with an alphabet mural, so we’ll start there.

I have a cool idea for artwork involving large, 3-D wooden, block letters and dim LED lighting but I haven’t worked out exactly how to implement it.  I also worry about finding crib bedding that will work with my design.  My experience with crib bedding so far has been that it’s typically highly thematic and I know I don’t want to introduce another theme (i.e. frogs, bears, safari animals, trucks, etc.) into my Alphabet Nursery.  Alphabet themed bedding would be way too much with an alphabet mural and large letters on another wall.  A simple pattern (i.e. dots or stripes) in the color scheme would be nice, however I’ve found on past projects that finding simple baby bedding can be more difficult than it sounds.

For now we will start with the alphabet mural.  Next stop, bedding.


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